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We can assure you of one thing: we will make the world a better place. Through our specialized knowledge, outstanding experience in the industry of over 15 years, and excellent technology used in our sleek solar panels. Researched, designed and developed in the ELAT region, a cross-border knowledge triangle binding the top technological cities of the Netherlands (Eindhoven), Belgium (Leuven) and Germany (Aachen), optimized with premium-quality understanding.

We are aware of the sore points of the current solar industry and therefore know what you as an installer and your customers need, even when you might not even know it yourself. With an incredible thirst for knowledge and our continuous pursuit of improvement, we thrive to be progressive at all times. ELAT solar is building bridges, with the guarantee of sustainability in the future. A promise we’re bound to deliver on. 

Martin Hinoul
chairman of the advisory board

Chairman martin hinoul

Noted Belgian innovation expert Martin Hinoul, renowned for his extensive work in technology and his influential insights into global innovation, is set to embark on a new venture. The seasoned professional has been appointed as the Chairman of the Advisory Board at ELAT Solar. Bringing his rich experience and expansive understanding of technological innovation, Hinoul is poised to provide strategic guidance and contribute significantly to the technological development within the solar energy industry at ELAT Solar.

More about Martin Hinoul

Martin Hinoul earned his doctorate in Physics before venturing into the industry, spending much of his career in the United States working with American telecom giants. Hinoul had a significant period in Silicon Valley during the 1980s, which he identifies as one of the most crucial phases in technology development.

His career has led him to significant roles such as a technology attaché in Los Angeles and being part of large joint ventures in countries like China and India. Hinoul also helped attract American companies to Belgium while assisting Belgian businesses to expand to the U.S. In recent years, he's been working with the Technology Transfer Office of KU Leuven, where he has been part of fostering innovative environments.

Hinoul believes that modern economies are centered around regions and cities, with innovation hubs like Silicon Valley and Cambridge playing pivotal roles. That is exactly what we aim to establish in the ELAT region. Regarding Belgium, Hinoul sees potential for growth in areas like medical technology and e-health, given its focus on knowledge-driven economies. He also highlights the importance of start-ups and smaller companies, which often work within innovative domains, and states that Belgium is abundant with such entities.

In essence, Martin Hinoul is a global leader in fostering innovation and technological advancements, playing a significant role in shaping future economies. He will provide ELAT Solar with his knowledge and boast us to unseen heights.   


a sustainable future
with smart energy


Using the most promising technology available, TOPCon solar panels perform better in low-light conditions, ensure a higher durability and have an outstanding efficiency, when comparing it to known technologies. Therefore we are able to offer a 30 years performance guarantee.

Sleek & clean

Our full black solar panels give a modern impression. The sleek, impeccable look is better than you’ve ever seen before. An absolute asset for your company, since your customers are not only looking for the most profitable solution, but they also want to invest in an attractive look for their home.


Let’s be honest. We won’t persuade you with the latest trends. In this industry, we don’t believe in trends. What we do believe in is expertise and cutting-edge solutions. We are progressive, creating perfected solar panels based on a proven premium technology.


ELAT is building bridges. From today onwards, to a sustainable future. Between various instances and people. Transboundary bridges of specialist knowledge, that will give you a headstart as a solar installer. We can even help you build your company on all levels, through our experience in the field.

Reliable &

The ELAT founders have over 15 years of specialized experience with respect to the knowledge, business development and installation of the solar panel industry. That being said: we know how to tackle every area, so we developed highly reliable solutions, being a very accessible partner ourselves.


Researched, designed and developed in the center of the high-tech ELAT region, keeping an eye on the world. Our solar panels are not only suited for western European climates, but also perform particularly well in maritime climates and regions with high atmospheric humidity, anywhere in the world. Our production plant is equipped for high capacity manufacturing, our know-how even more so.

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