Black frame panel

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Black frame Technology solar panels

optimal performance with a sleek look

changing the solar industry for the better

For large industrial projects, it is important to create a specific and reliable solution. Extensive, high-performance panels with power. Panels that provide the necessary output without detracting from the image of your enterprise. To meet these needs, we combine high-quality technologies with a cost-efficient mindset. The result? The creation of a comprehensive solution for any industry: a solar panel with a black frame (instead of the classic aluminum) combined with superior monocrystalline solar cells and reliable TOPCon technology.

Not a full black panel? Not exactly, but almost. One of the most important components of this solution is the choice of monocrystalline solar cells, which not only provide high efficiency but also a sleek black appearance. This contrasts with polycrystalline solar cells, which cause the typical blue hue. The black frame contributes to the neat finish of the solar panels.

On residential roofs, a black backsheet provides a sublime, full black look. An important and decisive detail aesthetically. But on large industrial roofs, that detail is less visible and the aesthetic benefits do not outweigh the higher investment costs. The black frame technology is therefore the ideal cost-efficient solution that provides an installation with the looks and performance that commercial projects require.

This extensive commercial panel has minimal dimensions but great output. Suitable for industrial (flat) roofs and large-scale projects. Due to the limited size of the panel compared to many other commercial panels, it is easier to handle. The reduced substructure and lower counterweight also contribute to this. It is a labor-saving solution that even makes the largest installations run smoothly.