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How is it possible for you to give a 38 year warranty on the solar panels?

We provide you with a 30 year performance guarantee on all of our solar panels. Because we are sure that our durable, state-of-the-art solutions will maintain their efficiency throughout the years. To prove our confidence in our own technology, we provide you with another extra eight years warranty. Want to know more about this? Please give us a call. 

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What makes your solar panels better than other solar panels on the market today?

Our solar panels are produced using the TOPCon technology. This technology uses a thin layer of insulating material (a tunneling oxide layer) between the metal contact and the solar cell. This layer creates a tunneling junction that allows for better electron transport and collection, resulting in higher cell efficiencies. We also chose to only create full black panels, creating an even higher efficiency. Through our extended experience in the industry, we learned that this technology is changing the solar industry, for the better. Knowing all pitfalls and sore points of the industry, we created a product that answers to all of your questions. 

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You offer a 38 years warranty, but I’m 50 years old. That doesn’t help me much, does it?

It actually really does, because we do not only give you the 38 year overall product warranty, but also a 38 year 100% performance guarantee. Meaning that your solar panels won’t suffer any power dissipation over the years you will be using them. Interested in how that works? Get in touch.

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Isn’t the market saturated with high quality solar panels?

Over the last few years, hundreds of brands have created new or updated current solar panels to constantly meet the demands of the ever changing market. It’s generally safe to say that you can’t buy bad solar panels anymore these days. But there is always a difference between good solar panels and premium solar panels. Ours are the latter, guaranteeing the user an outstanding performance at all times, with a 38 year 100% performance guarantee. 

Where are your products developed?

Our solar panels are researched, developed and designed in Belgium, based on a proven German technology but bettered along the way. With over 15 years of extensive experience in the industry, we created a solar panel that answers the current pitfalls and sore points in the market. 

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How can I become an ELAT installer?

Are you interested in distributing our panels, installing them on hundreds, even thousands of rooftops? We’re so happy you found us. We do not only offer you premium quality solar panels, but we also build bridges between you and your customer. Thanks to our extensive specialist experience, we know how business works. Therefore we are able to give you advice on your solar panel installation business, while providing you with the best products. Are you interested in becoming an installer and do you want to know all possibilities? Let’s meet up! 

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