Promising solar energy technologies that could change the world

When you think of it, solar energy is nothing new. Since the dawn of humanity, we have been benefiting from the sun’s light and warmth. However, it is only now that the world is fully embracing various technological innovations and provisions based on solar energy. This is because we now understand more than ever that we need to help our planet by generating energy in a sustainable manner. The industry is constantly evolving, and here are some of the latest developments in the world of solar energy. The future is here!

Solar water purification

New solar energy technologies can help deliver safe drinking water to parts of the world with contaminated water. A solar-powered desalination system can provide approximately seven liters of drinking water per square meter of solar network per hour. This could have a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of people who currently lack access to clean water. Could this be the solution to bid farewell to thirst in the world?

Building an off-road vehicle that is independent of existing infrastructure, capable of withstanding harsh off-roading conditions, and still light enough to be solar-powered presents a challenging but exciting mission. “Merging these two contrasting aspects – robustness and efficiency – is what we aim to achieve with Stella Terra,” explains Wisse Bos, Team Manager of Solar Team Eindhoven.


Floating solar parks

Did you know that instead of using land exclusively, solar panels can also be installed on water? Floating photovoltaic systems, also known as “floatovoltaics,” have proven to be more efficient than traditional land-based panels. They save space and generate up to 11% more electricity by using water for cooling. Is this even feasible? Absolutely! There are already large floating solar parks in countries such as China, Japan, Cambodia, and the Netherlands, with enormous potential for large-scale implementation. We are curious to see more.


Solar skin

Scientists are working on developing thin, flexible layers of highly efficient material known as solar skin. Why, you may ask? This would enable nearly any surface to be converted into a solar energy source. Recent breakthroughs have achieved efficiencies of 16.6%, comparable to traditional solar panels. It is expected that this technology will be widely applied in the near future, making solar energy even more accessible for a wide range of new applications. That sounds interesting!


Portable solar energy

It might seem unbelievable, but solar cells can now be as small as a flea and incorporated into clothing. This allows clothing to generate solar energy and charge devices such as phones. These portable solar energy solutions offer new possibilities for incorporating solar energy into our daily lives. It is not only incredibly convenient but also means that we can make our daily lives greener. Even small steps are important because only imagine if we could all charge our smartphones on the go during a walk.


Improved solar panels using perovskite

Traditional solar panels are becoming increasingly efficient. By using new materials and technologies, researchers have achieved efficiencies ranging from 26.3% to 28% with perovskite-silicon cells and graphene-infused cells, respectively. These developments point to a future where solar energy becomes more economically attractive than ever before. It’s no wonder that ELAT Solar will be fully engaged with this promising technology in the future.

The continuous progress in solar energy brings us closer to a greener future, where solar energy plays a significant role in generating clean energy and addressing global challenges such as water pollution and climate change.


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