We celebrate the world’s first off-road solar car: Stella Terra

Elat Solar, a proud sponsor of the Solar Team Eindhoven, is thrilled to share the team’s latest innovation: the world’s first off-road solar car, Stella Terra. This revolutionary vehicle is not only designed for paved roads but is also rugged enough to tackle challenging terrains.


A Leap into the Future of Solar-Powered Mobility

The Stella Terra stands as a testament to the potential of solar energy in the automotive sector. With solar panels adorning its roof, the car achieves unparalleled sustainability and independence. Impressively, this road-legal marvel can reach speeds of up to 145 km/h, weighs a mere 1200 kilograms, and boasts a range of 630 kilometers on a sunny day.

Overcoming Challenges

Creating a self-sustaining off-road vehicle was no small feat. As the first of its kind globally, the Stella Terra had to be efficient, lightweight, and robust enough to be powered solely by the sun. “Designing the Stella Terra required us to innovate at every turn, from its suspension system to the solar panel inverters,” remarked Wisse Bos, the team manager of Solar Team Eindhoven.

Wisse Bos further highlighted the car’s advanced nature, stating that the Stella Terra is a glimpse into the future, being 5-10 years ahead of its time. With this innovation, the team aims to inspire optimism about a sustainable future and motivate individuals and corporations to hasten the energy transition.

Testing in Morocco

While the Stella Terra has undergone rigorous testing in the Netherlands, the team is set to embark on a journey to Morocco in October. There, the car will traverse nearly a thousand kilometers across diverse landscapes, culminating its journey in the Sahara, all while being powered by the sun.

Elat Solar salutes the Solar Team Eindhoven’s dedication and innovation. The team’s previous achievements include winning the World Solar Challenge in Australia four times consecutively in the Cruiser Class and making global headlines with their solar-powered campervan, Stella Vita, in 2021.

Source: Eindhoven University of Technology

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