ELAT Solar & Solar Team Eindhoven team up to unveil a ground-breaking solar-powered off-road vehicle concept

As experts in the field of solar technology, ELAT Solar is thrilled to announce its partnership with the dynamic Solar Team Eindhoven, an accomplished group of students from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU Eindhoven). This exciting collaboration aims to push the boundaries of solar-powered transportation. Recently, the Solar Team Eindhoven developed the Stella Terra, an extraordinary off-road vehicle fueled solely by solar energy.

Solar Team Eindhoven

The future on wheels, powered by the sun (and ELAT Solar) 

This year, Solar Team Eindhoven is taking a bold step in constructing a robust vehicle designed to tackle not just paved roads, but also the challenges of off-road conditions. The Stella Terra stands out as the first solar-powered off-road vehicle of its kind, currently in the development phase with an expected launch in September.


The power source for the Stella Terra lies in the solar panels strategically installed on its rooftop. These panels are designed to generate sufficient energy not only to power the vehicle, but also to support the user’s day-to-day energy needs. Electricity generated by the Stella Terra can be used for tasks such as cooking and charging devices such as phones or cameras, granting its user complete independence from the road and charging infrastructure.


Building an off-road vehicle that is independent of existing infrastructure, capable of withstanding harsh off-roading conditions, and still light enough to be solar-powered presents a challenging but exciting mission. “Merging these two contrasting aspects – robustness and efficiency – is what we aim to achieve with Stella Terra,” explains Wisse Bos, Team Manager of Solar Team Eindhoven.

Pioneering the path to a sustainable future

By pioneering in this uncharted territory, Solar Team Eindhoven, with the support of ELAT Solar, aims to challenge the industry and inspire innovative solutions beyond traditional pathways. “Our goal is to inspire the current market and society, and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future in both mobility and energy”, adds Wisse Bos. 

Solar Team Eindhoven boasts a rich history of innovation and success. The student team biennially constructs a solar-powered vehicle and has been crowned world champions four times in a row during the renowned World Solar Challenge in Australia, specifically in the family car (Cruiser Class) category. In 2021, the team made global headlines by constructing a solar-powered camper van and journeying to the southernmost tip of Europe.


As ELAT Solar, we are immensely proud to sponsor Solar Team Eindhoven and be a part of this revolutionary journey towards a sustainable future. Through this partnership, we underscore our commitment to advancing solar technology and reshaping the way the world views solar mobility. Stay tuned for updates on the Stella Terra project and join us in celebrating this new era of solar-powered transportation. Together, we can drive the world towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

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